Friday, 20 March 2015

Re-organise for Autumn

Re-organise for Autumn

With the change of seasons fast approaching it can be a great time of year to clean out and re –organise your home.  Here are 5 tips on re-organising and de-cluttering your home this autumn

1. Rotate your linen cupboard.
As the days and nights get cooler it may be time to pull out the feather doonas and woolly throw rugs.  Instead of trying to cram your summer and winter linens all into your cupboards, try using space saving vacuum sealed bags to store anything that may not be in use for the coming season.  Not only will they save you space, but if you use clear bags, you can make it easier to find the items when you need them again.

2. Put everything in its place, and have a place for everything.
By taking some time to establish a place for everything in your home, you can help to ensure that those ever so prevalent ‘junk drawers’ don’t get out of hand.  Most homeware and department stores stock no end of dividers, tubs, hooks and containers for organising all your drawers and cupboards around the home.  You could also look for cost effective ways of creating storage in your home, for example using glass jars from condiments to hold jewellery, pens, or even toiletries in the bathroom.  

3. Declutter your space.
It’s always a good idea to get rid of any unnecessary items from your home.  The change of seasons can be a perfect time for sorting out your wardrobe and getting rid of any items of clothing you have not worn in at least the last 6 months.  You could donate them to charity or give them to family or friends who may want them.  Sort through draws and cupboards and throw away any odds and ends that you have no use for, or can’t recall why you own in the first place.  An easy trick for efficient decluttering is to use three boxes or containers, and label them ‘throw’, ‘relocate’ and ‘donate’.  Systematically sorting things will make the job easier and a lot less time consuming. 

4. Draw up a cleaning schedule
Drawing up and sticking to a cleaning schedule can help you keep on top of house work.  Kitchens should be cleaned on a daily basis, however scheduling time to keep on top of other chores such as cleaning out the fridge or washing windows can often fall by the wayside.  By consistently setting aside the time for these tasks you could have a picture-perfect home all year round.  A cleaning schedule can also be a great way to delegate tasks to your kids without any fuss over ‘who does what’ or ‘who does more’.

5. Maintain your space
You may have spent a lot of time organising and sorting out your cupboards, draws and other storage space, so don’t let it all go to waste! There’s no use in setting up cleaning schedules or organising your storage and then letting things slip a week or two later.  Be vigilant, and try to ensure that your hard work is maintained consistently.

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