Thursday, 26 November 2015

Tiles: For perfect floors and walls

Looking to renovate or update your floor and wall coverings? Then tiles are the answer. As a builder, I really enjoy working with tiles because they're practical and durable. And they bring style, depth and beauty to any setting.

Tiles have been used in design and building for thousands of years. They are literally timeless in terms of wear and aesthetic endurance. I've worked with glass, ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles. Each have specific benefits depending on your needs.

You can't go past ceramic tiles for durable floor or wall coverings that are easy to maintain. They're a hardy long-term investment, able to stand up to heavy traffic and abrasion - so kids, pets and lots of visitors are no problem.

Ceramic tiles are superior to wood products because there is no shrinking or expanding, which keeps the chemical structure of the ceramic intact over time. They're easy to keep fresh and clean because they tend to be stain resistant, don't absorb odours, and can be easily mopped up or wiped over with a mild cleansing solution - time saving and environmentally friendly!

Porcelain floor tiles can be more expensive than their ceramic counterparts, but they are even more durable than ceramic tiles, and more resistant to chipping because they're fired at higher temperatures and have a greater density. This makes porcelain tiles a particularly great option for both outdoor and indoor flooring.

Both ceramic and porcelain tiles come in an almost limitless range of colours and decorative patterns. You can take inspiration from decorative tiles around the world or go with simple, clean lines.
But for an elegance that rarely dates, my preference is always natural stone.

Each piece is a geological artifact. Every line, colour and fossil fused into the stone was once alive, making each tile truly unique. Over time, the colour will mellow and the surface will wear to a smooth patina. Natural stone is available in pavers and tiles, and comes in various sizes and finishes. It is perhaps more prone to wear and tear, but in my experience this only enhances the unique character of your space.

Which ever you choose, tiles are beautiful and practical, and you are sure to find just the right style to enhance your building or renovation design.

Reproduced with permission Century 21 Life@home

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